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B. Lego Technic Parts, beams E. H. O. R. U. X. LV. LX. LT.
C. Lego plates / flats, red, blue, white, yellow, green, white, grey G. J. K. W. Q. LL. LE. LN. T.
L. Misc. Coloured Bricks & Flats; Brown, Cream, Pink, Beige, Curry, Buff, Tan LM. LH. LA. LB. LC.
M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear BEA. BEB. BEC. BED. BEE. BEF. BEG. BEH. BEJ. BEK.
N. Lego Bricks, black, red, yellow, grey, blue, white D. P. I. S. F. V. BK. LR. LS. LQ. BP. BQ. #D.
Z. Gears / Cogs, Pulley Wheels, Axles / shafts / rods, Wheels, string, tyres and hubs. AB. A. BD.
AD. Connectors, Bushes, tracks, chains, rubber bands CA. AA.
AF. Pneumatics, tube, pipe, suspension, springs, pumps, actuators, switches, 'T's
AG. Engine Parts, Motors, Electrical, lights, switches, sensors, cables, pull-back motors, sirens.
AJ. Star Wars Theme AJ2, AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, RX.
AK. Harry Potter Minifigures, Lone Ranger, Galaxy Squad, Alien Conquest, Studio's, Movie, Belville
AM. Lego Toy Story, Atlantis, Ninjago, Spongebob BM2. XA. BJ.
AP. Vehicle Parts, plane, helicopter, aircraft, aeroplane parts AQ. AQA. AQB. AQC. AQD. AQE. AQG.
AR. Minifigures pg1, Mars Mission, Fabuland, Jack Stone, Technic & Family ATA. ARA. CX. CY. DA. CVQ.
AU. Train Parts, boats and ship, Sport/Football, Castle/building parts, AS. AH. AL.
AV. Lego base boards, thin, thick & 3D. Manuals, instructions, flyers, inserts . AV2. BF.
AW. Parts with printed surfaces/decals AWA. AWB. CB. CC. CD. CE. CEA. CF. CG. CGA. CH. CHA.
AX. Trees, Plants, Road Signs, Lamp post, vintage flags, clip signs AXD.
AY. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Grilles, Fences, Gates, BC2. RR. RS. RQ. RR2. RT. RU.
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego, QA. QB. QC. QD. QE. QF. QG.
BB. Misc. Lego, gates, fence panels, fridge magnets, BC. BC2. GVK.
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports, Stairs, Ladders, BCB.
LK. Lego Animals, Birds & Dinosaurs, Minifigure capes / cloaks page. MA.
VE. Antenna, Aerials, Fairings, Duplo, Satalite / radar dishes VJ. SA. SAA. VC.
CV. Lego Power Miners, Lego Simpsons, Lego Fabuland, Legends of Chima CVA. CVB. CVP.
BJE. Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, BJH. BH2. BJ3.
DC. Lego Minifigure series
BJU. Lego Superheroes, Batman, Monster Fighters, Series, olympics, BJK. DC. KP.
KN. Lego Knights Kingdom, Castle Fantasy Era, Pharaoh's Quest, CVG. CVM.
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RA. Lego Bionicle parts, Gold & Silver Lego parts page 1, RB. RC. RD. RE. RF. LF.
#ME. Complete Lego sets 2
ME. Complete Lego sets, buy Lego by the Kilo, Lego spares packs SS. ST.
Spareblocks News, Leave or read feedback / comments, completed projects.
Q2. Harry Potter Green Parts
Sell your unwanted Lego
DG. Pneumatic tubing
CVQ. Lego Mars Mission


Fantastic!, you found us! - we've been working hard to ensure we have the parts you need!

Over 2 million new, used and vintage parts is the UK's one-stop shop for new and used replacement, missing and discounted individual
and bulk parts. We have been supplying spares worldwide for more than 13 years.
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Lego Star Wars minifigures and accessories
Lego Star Wars minifigures, modern and vintage, troopers, R2-D2, characters, droids, guns, light sabers, parts, bricks, manuals and sets
Visit our Star Wars page

Genuine Lego Star Wars minifigure's and character's - cheapest available on the internet; click picture to shop for Star Wars minifigures

Minifigure Series page
Lego series minifigures, replacement  figures, parts.
Click on image to browse our Series and olympics minifigures page.


Click on image for new light bricks with integral batteries and on/off switch - large selection available

Pneumatic Tube

Minifigure accessories page
hats, guns, hair, wigs, web, cannon, spear, crossbow, rifle, barrell, skateboard, shield, goggles, camera, binoculars.
For minifigure accessories, select the 'Minifigure accessory' page tab on the side bar

Replacement Lego Technic connectors
Lego connectors, bushes, universal joints, pins, bushes
Visit our connectors page

Minifigures page 1
Lego minifigure sales, all themes, all colours
View all red bodied minifigures

Hundreds of new, vintage and hard to find minifigures -  Listed on several pages sorted by torso colour - click image to search the first page - remember to click on the 'next page' link at the bottom of each page to view the full range available.

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With over 200 pages of different Lego parts, our customers tell us our site is refreshingly easy to navigate and contains the most comprehensive range of parts from a single supplier - we hope you too find all the parts you need.  To get started in your search, choose a category from the menu tabs on the left. New and older versions of Lego parts often vary by design and colour, so if you are replacing parts on an older set, new parts may look out of place - email us after checkout with the set numbers you have bought your parts for and we will make sure we dispatch the correct/genuine variants you need. We always go the extra mile where we can as we value customer satisfaction and the positive feedback we get. Whether you are here to buy parts or not, we hope you enjoy looking through our interesting and varied inventory of parts. If you encounter any difficulties or have a query, feel free to email us at If you would prefer to search the site using key words a search bar that will search the entire site is located at the top of page B.

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Based in Lincolnshire (UK) and trading for 19+ years, is a professional service and all parts are warrantied with a 14 day money back guarantee.