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LEGO Parts
B. Lego Technic Parts, beams E. H. O. R. U. X. LV. LX. LT.
C. Lego plates / flats, red, blue, white, yellow, green, white, grey G. J. K. W. Q. LL. LE. LN. T.
L. Misc. Coloured Bricks & Flats; Brown, Cream, Pink, Beige, Curry, Buff, Tan LM. LH. LA. LB. LC.
M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear BEA. BEB. BEC. BED. BEE. BEF. BEG. BEH. BEJ. BEK.
N. Lego Bricks, black, red, yellow, grey, blue, white D. P. I. S. F. V. BK. LR. LS. LQ. BP. BQ. #D.
Z. Gears / Cogs, Pulley Wheels, Axles / shafts / rods, Wheels, string, tyres and hubs. AB. A. BD.
AD. Connectors, Bushes, tracks, chains, rubber bands CA. AA.
AF. Pneumatics, tube, pipe, suspension, springs, pumps, actuators, switches, 'T's
AG. Engine Parts, Motors, Electrical, lights, switches, sensors, cables, pull-back motors, sirens.
AJ. Star Wars Theme AJ2, AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, RX.
AK. Harry Potter Minifigures, Lone Ranger, Galaxy Squad, Alien Conquest, Studio's, Movie, Belville
AM. Lego Toy Story, Atlantis, Ninjago, Spongebob BM2. XA. BJ.
AP. Vehicle Parts, plane, helicopter, aircraft, aeroplane parts AQ. AQA. AQB. AQC. AQD. AQE. AQG.
AR. Minifigures pg1, Mars Mission, Fabuland, Jack Stone, Technic & Family ATA. ARA. CX. CY. DA. CVQ.
AU. Train Parts, boats and ship, Sport/Football, Castle/building parts, AS. AH. AL.
AV. Lego base boards, thin, thick & 3D. Manuals, instructions, flyers, inserts . AV2. BF.
AW. Parts with printed surfaces/decals AWA. AWB. CB. CC. CD. CE. CEA. CF. CG. CGA. CH. CHA.
AX. Trees, Plants, Road Signs, Lamp post, vintage flags, clip signs AXD.
AY. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Grilles, Fences, Gates, BC2. RR. RS. RQ. RR2. RT. RU.
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego, QA. QB. QC. QD. QE. QF. QG.
BB. Misc. Lego, gates, fence panels, fridge magnets, BC. BC2. GVK.
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports, Stairs, Ladders, BCB.
LK. Lego Animals, Birds & Dinosaurs, Minifigure capes / cloaks page. MA.
VE. Antenna, Aerials, Fairings, Duplo, Satalite / radar dishes VJ. SA. SAA. VC.
CV. Lego Power Miners, Lego Simpsons, Lego Fabuland, Legends of Chima CVA. CVB. CVP.
BJE. Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, BJH. BH2. BJ3.
DC. Lego Minifigure series
BJU. Lego Superheroes, Batman, Monster Fighters, Series, olympics, BJK. DC. KP.
KN. Lego Knights Kingdom, Castle Fantasy Era, Pharaoh's Quest, CVG. CVM.
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RA. Lego Bionicle parts, Gold & Silver Lego parts page 1, RB. RC. RD. RE. RF. LF.
#ME. Complete Lego sets 2
ME. Complete Lego sets, buy Lego by the Kilo, Lego spares packs SS. ST.
Spareblocks News, Leave or read feedback / comments, completed projects.
Q2. Harry Potter Green Parts
Sell your unwanted Lego
DG. Pneumatic tubing
CVQ. Lego Mars Mission

We pay the best price for your unwanted Lego collections!
If you are interested in selling your Lego collection, post the collection to us at the address below.
We pay more than you can typically expect to receive if you auction your collection on ebay or other selling sites. We have been buying Lego collections for more than 8 years so we can price collections through quickly and accurately with the benefit of knowledge on current prices and part resale values.

We cannot give quotes or estimates from photographs as the best prices come from sorting through the collection and valuing the contents individually which usually produces a higher value than a price per kilo method. The going rate for Lego is approx. £10 per kilo including postage but we invariably pay more than this if the collection has good content that we can resell as parts.To obtain the best price it is best to leave the collection unsorted and not to remove any parts for sale separately as this will reduce the value. We break collections up in to parts we can sell individually and the remainder is sorted and stored for customers wanting larger quantities of more common items. Common items (around 90% of parts are really common and can't be resold as replacement parts as they are not in demand). The parts we need for resale as replacement parts are the less common parts, so it is vital that these are not removed from the collection if you want the best price. 

An additional benefit of you selling to us is that we prefer the collection to be sent 'as is' so we prefer the parts not to be washed or sorted and you can send the parts mixed with non-Lego product or look-a-like product as we will sort through and remove this. Selling Lego that is dirty or contains non-Lego product or broken parts can be problematic on sites such as ebay as the buyers can easily dispute the condition and contents, whereas it causes no problem for us as we are paying for the actual Lego after sorting through the collection.
Our address:-
Laceys Lane
PE22 0BD 





tel:- Carl on 07976958681 if you wish to discuss before posting your Lego operates on a non-profit basis keeping prices affordable while allowing us to pay the best prices for your unused collections. By selling your unwanted Lego to, you are ensuring that the Lego will be fully recycled and re-used for its intended purpose and parts from your collection will be warmly received from many buyers who are relieved to find the missing part they so desperately need to finish their Lego model or project. We pay via. PayPal or direct to your bank (include your payment details along with a telephone number with your parcel). For postage, we recommend you visit for a price - they collect from your door and deliver direct to us, and they are far cheaper than Royal Mail.

sell your unwanted lego