Lego compatible pneumatic tube for Lego models

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Sell your unwanted Lego

Our silicone rubber tube / hose range has been developed over a number of years to maximise the efficiency of Lego pneumatic systems and provide a perfect replacement for worn, damaged or lost Lego tubing. This tubing can also be used for a number of other applications.



Select length of light grey tube required:-

Item no. DG001
4mm external diameter x 1.5mm internal diameter silicone rubber tube
Colour Light Grey (silimlar to Lego light old grey / vintage Lego pneumatic grey tubing)



Select length of dark grey tube required:-

Item no. DG003
4mm external diameter x 1.5mm internal diameter silicone rubber tube
Colour Dark grey (a slightly lighter version of Lego's dark stone grey colour - ideal for use with Lego pneumatic hardware)

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Replacement Lego Technic connectors
Lego connectors, bushes, universal joints, pins, bushes
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The above image shows the three main colours we sell

More information / specification

The quality of this product is high and demand has grown. The external diameter is approx. 4mm and the internal diameter is approx. 1.5mm. The tube is manufactured to a shore hardness of between 70 and 80 making the tube ideal for use with Lego pneumatic hardware. The main colours available are black, dark grey and light grey. The black tube is a true or deep black, the light grey is similar to Lego colour Light old grey (similar to vintage Lego grey tube), and the dark grey is a slightly lighter version of Lego's dark stone grey colour. We do have some softer tubing ideal for other applications and limited quantities of alternative colours - to enquire, please call us on 07976 958681 and we let you know what alternative products we currently have in stock.



Select length of black tube required:-

Item no. DG002
4mm external diameter x 1.5mm internal diameter silicone rubber tube
Colour Black (Deep black / jet black, ideal replacement for vintage Lego pneumatic tube)


Item no. DG100
Medium stone grey coloured Lego pneumatic jointing 'T' for use with 4mm dia. / 1.5mm internal diameter tubing (compatible with Lego tubing and items DG001, DG002 and DG003).
Price per item: £0.20