Lego Power Miners

LEGO Parts
B. Lego Technic Parts, beams E. H. O. R. U. X. LV. LX. LT.
C. Lego plates / flats, red, blue, white, yellow, green, white, grey G. J. K. W. Q. LL. LE. LN. T.
L. Misc. Coloured Bricks & Flats; Brown, Cream, Pink, Beige, Curry, Buff, Tan LM. LH. LA. LB. LC.
M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear BEA. BEB. BEC. BED. BEE. BEF. BEG. BEH. BEJ. BEK.
N. Lego Bricks, black, red, yellow, grey, blue, white D. P. I. S. F. V. BK. LR. LS. LQ. BP. BQ. #D.
Z. Gears / Cogs, Pulley Wheels, Axles / shafts / rods, Wheels, string, tyres and hubs. AB. A. BD.
AD. Connectors, Bushes, tracks, chains, rubber bands CA. AA.
AF. Pneumatics, tube, pipe, suspension, springs, pumps, actuators, switches, 'T's
AG. Engine Parts, Motors, Electrical, lights, switches, sensors, cables, pull-back motors, sirens.
AJ. Star Wars Theme AJ2, AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, RX.
AK. Harry Potter Minifigures, Lone Ranger, Galaxy Squad, Alien Conquest, Studio's, Movie, Belville
AM. Lego Toy Story, Atlantis, Ninjago, Spongebob BM2. XA. BJ.
AP. Vehicle Parts, plane, helicopter, aircraft, aeroplane parts AQ. AQA. AQB. AQC. AQD. AQE. AQG.
AR. Minifigures pg1, Mars Mission, Fabuland, Jack Stone, Technic & Family ATA. ARA. CX. CY. DA. CVQ.
AU. Train Parts, boats and ship, Sport/Football, Castle/building parts, AS. AH. AL.
AV. Lego base boards, thin, thick & 3D. Manuals, instructions, flyers, inserts . AV2. BF.
AW. Parts with printed surfaces/decals AWA. AWB. CB. CC. CD. CE. CEA. CF. CG. CGA. CH. CHA.
AX. Trees, Plants, Road Signs, Lamp post, vintage flags, clip signs AXD.
AY. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Grilles, Fences, Gates, BC2. RR. RS. RQ. RR2. RT. RU.
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego, QA. QB. QC. QD. QE. QF. QG.
BB. Misc. Lego, gates, fence panels, fridge magnets, BC. BC2. GVK.
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports, Stairs, Ladders, BCB.
LK. Lego Animals, Birds & Dinosaurs, Minifigure capes / cloaks page. MA.
VE. Antenna, Aerials, Fairings, Duplo, Satalite / radar dishes VJ. SA. SAA. VC.

Lego Fabuland minifigures, figures, vintage.
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Lego Legends of Chima minifigures.
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Item no. CV001
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Glaciator
(tray C)
Price: £2.10 each
Quantity available: 3


Item no. CV002
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Combustix
(tray A)
Price: £2.00 each
Quantity available: 1


Item no. CV004
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Bolderax
(tray B)
Price: £2.10 each
Quantity available: 2

Lego simpsons Itchy the mouse, Homer, Lisa, Marge.
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Additional items are listed on Animals page
Power, miners, yellow, red, rock monster.
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Item no. CV003
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Sulfurix
(tray A)
Price: £3.00 each
Quantity available: 1


Item no. CV005
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Meltrox
(tray B)
Price: £1.40 each
Quantity available: 2


Item no. CV008
Lego Power Minors Rock Monster - Firox
(tray A)
Price: £1.20 each
Quantity available: 2