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M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear BEA. BEB. BEC. BED. BEE. BEF. BEG. BEH. BEJ. BEK.
N. Lego Bricks, black, red, yellow, grey, blue, white D. P. I. S. F. V. BK. LR. LS. LQ. BP. BQ. #D.
Z. Gears / Cogs, Pulley Wheels, Axles / shafts / rods, Wheels, string, tyres and hubs. AB. A. BD.
AD. Connectors, Bushes, tracks, chains, rubber bands CA. AA.
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AR. Minifigures pg1, Mars Mission, Fabuland, Jack Stone, Technic & Family ATA. ARA. CX. CY. DA. CVQ.
AU. Train Parts, boats and ship, Sport/Football, Castle/building parts, AS. AH. AL.
AV. Lego base boards, thin, thick & 3D. Manuals, instructions, flyers, inserts . AV2. BF.
AW. Parts with printed surfaces/decals AWA. AWB. CB. CC. CD. CE. CEA. CF. CG. CGA. CH. CHA.
AX. Trees, Plants, Road Signs, Lamp post, vintage flags, clip signs AXD.
AY. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Grilles, Fences, Gates, BC2. RR. RS. RQ. RR2. RT. RU.
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego, QA. QB. QC. QD. QE. QF. QG.
BB. Misc. Lego, gates, fence panels, fridge magnets, BC. BC2. GVK.
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports, Stairs, Ladders, BCB.
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Latest news

Christmas giveaway draw
29 November, 2017 
Gillian from Lincolnshire was drawn from our list of customers over the Christmas period and she gets 1.5kg of clean random Lego parts for her son who loves Lego - she says the win has restored her faith in people and the win is timely as her son has not had the best year - we hope the win marks the start of a better year for them.
Anne and Lyndon Bates of Bristol are the second names to be randomly drawn from our  list of Christmas customers - congratulations, we hope you find the 1.5kg of parts useful. I am informed that they were delighted to win and their daughters will make good use of the parts.
Thank you to every one that placed an order this Christmas - sales were exceptionally low this Christmas as Google continues to disappear us (perhaps unfairly) from search results, so every order we received was warmly welcomed. We will continue to swim against the tide in 2018 and maintain our spare parts service. We wish all customers new and old a happy new year and look forward to assisting you further in the new year.

Monthly giveaway winner

16 November, 2017 
Richard from Doncaster won last months 1kg Lego giveaway - congratulations Richard and thank you for your custom, we hope you will find these extra parts useful.

Monthly giveaway winner
04 May, 2017 
John Chambers from Essex won last months 1kg Lego giveaway - congratulations John and thank you for your custom, we hope you will find these extra parts useful.

Limited offer - buy 1kg Lego for just £10!
25 March, 2017 
We are having a sale of our boxed 1 KG Lego lots. If you are a UK buyer and already buying at least £10 of replacement parts, you can add a 1 KG random box of Lego parts to your cart for just £10 which is below cost to us. These 1 KG lots are grade 'A' used Lego and are a mix of new, lightly used and clean ready to play Lego parts professionally sorted to eliminate any non-Lego items. With new Lego running at more than £85 per Kilo, these lots make for a very affordable way of building up your collection of parts. Visit our bulk Lego page - click on the picture below to visit the page.

Buy Lego by the kilogram, KG, Bulk Lego sale.
Buy Lego in bulk...1 kg from just 12

Perpetual Motion Machine - I had a go!
17 February, 2017 
I found a couple of hours this afternoon and attempted to build a perpetual motion machine! I have added some photo's below and a link to a video of it working. I used 14 small magnets and a bunch of Lego parts. I spent quite some time making minor adjustments and improvements after the basic design was complete - making adjustments and testing was great fun! At one point I thought I was on the verge of attaining perpetual movement but unfortunately, whatever adjustments I made, the machine eventually ran to a stop, but I did get really close! The machine would slow down ready to stop and it would then accelerate up briefly as if trying its utmost to resist grinding to a shuddering halt. I certainly got it to work far better than I had envisaged I ever would, and considering the short time I had to both design and make it, I was very pleased with the result.

Click on image to view larger version.

Click here to watch YouTube video of the machine working!

I used small magnets fitted within the holes of Technic beams and connectors to use the repelling forces of the magnets along with the momentum generated by the attracting forces to work a six blade propeller past a pivoted magnetic hammer. The magnets were slightly loose so I placed a piece of 0.8mm cord through each hole before pushing in the magnets to make them fit firmly. From the picture you may note a light grey shaft with a red ball on the end - this is the handbrake...just in case!

Click on image to view larger version.

This is my first attempt at a perpetual motion machine build, and I have to say, Lego is a perfect medium for building these experimental models - I must have tried dozens of minor and major adjustments that would have taken forever without the Lego, and best of all, the parts I had provided inspiration and helped generate ideas on how I might achieve the various changes I felt were worth trying.

Click on image to view larger version.

I hope my attempt here will help motivate and inspire you to have a go too and enter your completed model in our competition. There's some great Lego to be won but moreover, I guarantee you will have fun designing and building your perpetual machine.

Perpetual Motion Machine Competition - Now Launched!
13 February, 2017 
Our Perpetual Motion completion is now launched. To enter our completion you must submit photo's and or video of your creation along with a few lines to explain how you designed it and how it works/the idea behind it. We don't expect any of the entries to actually fully work energy-free and break the laws of physics!, although that would be rather cool!, but instead we want to see creative ideas that really test the laws of physics, and hopefully 'nearly work'! The completion closes on the 31st of May 2017 and a winner will be announced by the 2nd of June 2017. The winner will receive over 2.5kg of selected technical Lego (everything pictured below is included).

Click image to see further images of the Lego.

Lego is the perfect medium for inventors and lends itself brilliantly to developing, testing and trying out mechanical ideas, so inventing and developing a perpetual motion machine in Lego is a great idea. Lego is so quick and easy to use and changes can be made readily as the design requires, and with thousands of parts to choose from (all of which are interchangeable and compatible) the task is made quicker, more enjoyable and often far more cheaply than making parts from scratch.
Competition entrants may use additional materials which may not be Lego branded - I envisage some people may wish to use cord/string, magnets, weights and other accessories, to get their inventions going and that's fine...whatever it takes to get your idea up and running!
Submit your entries using pictures and or video files and provide a short write-up so we understand how it works, how you came up with idea, how you developed it and what difficulties you had getting it to work. As entries are received they will be posted here...but don't worry, even though early entrants may have their designs copied or improved upon by later entrants, you must get them in ASAP as I'm watching carefully, and early entrants will score serious brownie points when it comes to me choosing a winner! If we receive plenty of good design entries I may opt to make further prizes for runner-ups! I want the winner of the Lego to make good use of the prize so I am looking for all the tell-tales signs of a budding inventor and smart thinker!
Email your entry to

A heads-up on the next competition
09 February, 2017 
We are presently putting together the prizes for our next competition and will post the full details here shortly, but we can tell you its a rather interesting competition as the winners of the available prizes may also be on the cusp of solving the worlds energy crisis! to enter the competition you must design and build (in Lego) what is known as a perpetual motion device.
Perpetual motion devices have been designed and built for many years - for example Leonardo da Vinci designed numerous perpetual machines (none of them truly worked, but I'm sure he had fun designing them as he designed so many!). Perpetual motion devices are meant to run perpetually without any energy input and according to popular science this is impossible, but it doesn't stop anyone trying! So theoretically, a perpetual motion device that runs itself for ever is impossible, so we don't expect to see any of the entries breaking the law of thermodynamics, but we do hope the competition will foster some clever and creative designs that 'nearly work'!
Many perpetual motion machines are complex and require gears, axles, weights, magnets, levers, connectors and platforms etc. People that build them spend many hours making bespoke parts for their machine's and if they need to make changes as they experiment, they often have to start making new components from scratch! As Lego enthusiasts, we have a significant edge on many inventors as we know how adaptable Lego is. With Lego, we have a huge range of connectable parts that allows quick assembly and we can modify our designs easily and without waste.
The technic range of parts is fantastic for building machines so I expect to see some clever and interesting entries. Anyway, if it sounds interesting to you, and breaking the law of conservation of energy doesn't phase you, you can start to scratch your head right now and come up with some winning ideas - you might not solve the worlds energy problem, but you might refine your design and build knowledge and (just maybe) win some seriously useful free Lego! Winners will get sizeable collections of Technic Lego so their perpetual motion device might not be their last, best or even largest invention!...details of the prizes will follow once I have put them together.  

Click on image to view larger version.

Free Lego giveaway
01 February, 2017 
Emily Proctor and Peter Cowell of Kent have been randomly drawn to win 1kg+ of clean, mixed and genuine Lego parts in our December draw - thank you for your custom and we hope you find these extra parts useful. Business is very slow and we are barely covering our overheads but we will continue to make monthly giveaways as best we can. We are working hard to increase sales, and if finances allow we will start some fresh completion giveaways over the coming months - keep watching this space for further giveaway news!

Christmas day giveaway
28 December, 2016 
Louise Berggren of East Sussex placed an order with us on Christmas Day and as she was the only one to do so, she won the 1kg of Clean Lego parts we planned to giveaway in our secret Christmas day draw. Congratulations Louise, we will include your free bag of Lego parts with your order.

Happy Christmas and New Year wishes
24 December, 2016 
We would like to thank our customers and those that have helped during 2016. We wish everyone a great Christmas and hope them happiness for the new year ahead.
For anyone that places an order with us over the Christmas break you will be entered in to our Christmas draw for the chance of winning one of several 1kg boxes of Lego parts - Winners will be announced here over the coming weeks.
If you require help finding the Lego part(s) you need or have any other queries please do not hesitate to email carl directly at and I will try and respond as soon as I can. 

Facebook Draw Results
15 December, 2016 
The results are in!
To get our newly launched Facebook page up-and-running we put up 5 Lego Star Wars set giveaways for our new Facebook fans. The response to our Facebook page has been very positive and 168 people entered the draw by liking us and sharing with their friends on Facebook. As of now, we have got 462 likes of our page in less than 4 weeks, so a big thank you to everyone who has contributed.
We ensured all entrants had a fair and equal chance of being drawn and the draw was independently witnessed. The lucky winners were:-
First Prize:- Amanda Skinner from Lincolnshire
Second Prize:- Tom Gilson from Belgium
Runner up prizes:- Derek Torc McLean from Ayrshire, Richard Hope from Wetherby and Chris Davies from Leeds.
Derek, Richard and Chris will each receive Lego Star wars Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack , set number 9489 (2012), brand new in unopened box - as a bonus, we have included a 260g bag of mixed Lego parts to their winners parcels.
Tom will receive Lego Star Droid Gunship, set number 75042 (2014), brand new in unopened box.
Amanda will receive our star prize of a Lego Star wars Millennium Falcon, set number 7965 (2011), brand new in unopened box.
All winners addresses have now been obtained, prizes packed and either dispatched or awaiting collection by Hermes. 
We will be holding further giveaways and competitions, so if you didn't win this time, keep an eye open for future events either on our Facebook page or on our website (
Once again, we are grateful to everyone that took part in the draw and helped to get our Facebook page launched.

As a reminder to new customers, we cannot guarantee delivery of parts in time for Christmas, but for UK customers purchasing before 10am this coming Saturday we will try our utmost to process your orders for first class dispatch on Monday. If you found us via. Facebook, email us after your checkout to claim your 260g of free Lego (you must be a UK customer having placed an order of £25 or more to qualify - the offer has been extended to the 1st of January, so if you need to buy missing parts or fancy buying some additions for your Lego collection, don't miss out on this promotional giveaway!).

More free Lego giveaways
8 December, 2016 
As a further bonus to the main Facebook page draw an additional entrant was randomly chosen to receive a 1kg+ box of clean mixed Lego parts to add to their collection:-
Nicola Cooper of Sheffield won 1kg+ of clean genuine Lego - well done Nicola! your parcel is on its way and thank you for entering our Star Wars Lego giveaway on Facebook and good luck in the main draw!
If you have not yet entered this free giveaway draw then do so now! - the draw ends on the 15th December and 5 people will be randomly chosen to receive the Lego boxed sets we have to give away. 
If you love Lego, you need to like the page and keep a watch out for the further free entry Lego giveaways that are planned, and don't forget to visit and add to your favourites list our website as we have the best online resource for those difficult to find and discontinued Lego minifigures and parts.

06 December, 2016 
Wikipedia is a not-for-profit website that relies on donations from users to provide a free educational online resource. Its that time of year when Wikipedia is seeking donations to cover their operating costs. We have made a donation as we find the Wikipedia service to be extremely helpful and informative and we would encourage others who appreciate the convenience of their service to consider donating too. Donations start from just £2 and can be quickly made using PayPal by visiting the Wikipedia site.

Free Lego giveaway
04 December, 2016 
Richard Armstrong of Workington has been randomly drawn to win 1kg+ of clean, mixed and genuine Lego parts.

Facebook customers
27 November, 2016 
We have extended our 260g giveaway on all orders over £25 until January 1st for our UK Facebook Lego fans! - if you place an order with us for £25 or more and you found us via. our new Facebook page, simply email us at immediately after placing your order to let us know you found us via. Facebook and 260g of clean genuine Lego parts will be added to your order. Due to the weight of these Lego packs, we are unable to extend/guarantee the offer to our overseas customers, but if you place a significant order and would like some free parts, email us and we will include what we can using the P&P submitted.

Free Lego giveaway
27 November, 2016 
As a further bonus to the main Facebook page draw, today an additional entrant was randomly chosen to receive a 1kg+ box of clean mixed Lego parts to add to their collection:-
Angela Turpie of Clackmannanshire won 1kg+ of clean genuine Lego - congrats Angela! Hermes will deliver within a few days.Thank you for entering our Star Wars Lego giveaway on Facebook and good luck in the main draw!

Christmas Clean
27 November, 2016 

The business of supplying replacement Lego parts requires extremely good organisation and as Christmas approaches we get a little bit busier and the need for tidiness and order is vital. As the business is labour intensive and little give exists beyond undertaking the workload necessary, a tendency towards disorder is a constant threat. In preparation for Christmas I have just completed one of 4 yearly ‘tidy-ups’ where I go through everything, consolidate stored stock, remove any rubbish accumulated and clean the unit through. Having run the business initially in my spare time and then full time more recently for more than 10 years, I gained some useful skills in organising and sorting, so the process is considerably faster than many might assume – it usually takes me around 4 hours and the floor area of the unit is 1000 square feet (about the same floor area as a good sized house), and it’s quite full! On the issue of sorting and organising, it often saddens me that my organisation skills could not be better utilised to help people who have a problem with clutter etc. but lack the skills and experience to resolve it themselves. I was once fortunate enough to advise a friend who had become depressed with a clutter problem in his flat. After briefing him on an action plan, he had it completed in just 6 hours! – He was amazed he was able to do it so well and in such a short time by undertaking it in a set order while following some simple and logical rules. TV documentaries feature so called experts assisting people with such problems but their methods tend to upset the owner/sufferer as they want to immediately throw ‘stuff’ away, but the owner doesn’t, and they can take longer than necessary can be done without throwing anything away initially, and it can be efficient if the correct methodology is utilised (look-up Pareto’s rule if you are not familiar with the 80/20 rule – this is a very useful understanding to have when it comes to tidying, sorting and cleaning!). I benefit from the experience I gained running the business, clearing houses out in the past and I have a masters in project management, so if you have a big clear-out, organisational or tidying project to do, get in touch and I will gladly part with whatever advice I have that might help.

Anyway, everything is clean and well organised and I know exactly where everything is so I can work efficiently. In testament to the level of organisation maintained at, we currently have approx. 16,000 different product lines and at a moment’s notice, I am able to precisely locate and retrieve for packing any one of the products in seconds which is exactly how it needs to be!, Lego packing shop Packing area

Facebook Draw
26 November, 2016 
So far, over 100 people have entered our Star Wars Lego giveaway! (if you haven't yet entered, make sure you like the page, like the article and share the article - you have to do all three to be entered! - we note that a few people have omitted to either like the article, the page or share it, and they will miss out on this genuine free draw opportunity!).
In addition to the 5 boxed Lego Star Wars sets that will be posted out as prizes following the main draw on the 15th of December, 2 entrants have already been selected to receive 1 kg boxes of quality Lego spares and we intend to undertake further draws and make further bonus giveaways in the coming days.
As well as the draws we have announced on this page, we also have a giveaway of 260g quality mixed Lego parts for any Facebook 'likers' that place an order this month (November) - see our earlier post for details if you intend to visit our website to buy Lego parts, minifigures, baseboards the free parts are well worth claiming.

Free Lego giveaway
22 November, 2016 
The launch of our Facebook page on Sunday was very successful. So far 69 people have entered our Star Wars Lego giveaway!
From the first 69 entrants, and as a bonus to the main draw, 2 people have today been randomly chosen to receive one of our 1kg boxes of clean mixed genuine Lego parts. The names drawn were:-
Phil Bond of Romford won 1kg+ of clean genuine Lego. Thank you for liking us on Facebook!
Rachel Carey of Stockport won 1kg+ of clean genuine Lego. Thank you for liking us on Facebook! 

Future free competitions and draws
21 November, 2016 
Three more competitions/prize draws have now been planned for early 2017 and a selection of new Lego sets of various themes have been set aside (over £400 worth) and they include Star Wars, Toy Story, SpongeBob and others...they will be announced here and on our new Facebook page in the coming weeks and months, so keep a look out! Our competitions are always conducted independently and fairly and giveaways have been won worldwide. In past competitions first prize winners have included overseas entrants (Manuel (France), won a Millennium Falcon set in 2013), and we have had winners in Australia, America and elsewhere, so please take part wherever you live. has launched a Facebook page and to promote it we are giving away BNIB Lego Star Wars sets!
20 November, 2016 Facebook page link.
Click image to visit our Facebook page

We have launched a Facebook page and to promote it we are giving away 5 brand new Lego Star Wars sets. If you would like the chance of winning one of the sets simply visit our Facebook page, like the competition posting, like the page and share it on your own Facebook page wall. Winners will be randomly chosen on Wednesday 15th of December and the prizes will be dispatched as soon as full postal details are received.


All 5 sets are brand new/sealed and are as follows:-



BNIB Star Wars Lego set 7965
Lego Star Wars set 7965 BNIB competition prize at
Our First Prize!

First Prize: Lego Star wars Millennium Falcon, set number 7965 (2011), brand new in unopened box.

This discontinued set is extremely popular and is becoming increasingly collectable. The set contains a number of unique minifigures and with 1254 parts its a fantastically interesting build. One of our previous winners of this set kindly provided us with a review and some pictures of the finished build - click on the link below to read Ben's review.

Click here for Millennium Falcon Review by a previous winner

BNIB Star Wars Lego set 75042
Lego Star Wars set 75042 BNIB competition prize at
Our Second Prize!

Second Prize: Lego Star Droid Gunship, set number 75042 (2014), brand new in unopened box.

This discontinued set is extremely popular and is becoming increasingly collectable. The set contains unique minifigures and parts. With 439 parts its an expert level, and a very challenging Christmas day build!

BNIB Star Wars Lego set 7965
Lego Star Wars set 7965 BNIB competition prize at
Our runners-up Prize! - 3 runners-up will be chosen to recieve this set.

Runner up prizes: Lego Star wars Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack , set number 9489 (2012), brand new in unopened box.

This Battle pack set is a must have for any Star Wars and Lego fan and is becoming increasingly difficult to source in unopened new condition. The set contains a number of unique minifigures and with 77 parts and 4 minifigures its a great addition to any collection. A total of 3 runners up will be selected at random to receive one of these sets!

Additional notes:-

Draw winners will be announced here as soon as the draw is made from all the Facebook members that have liked the post, liked our new Facebook page and shared it on their own Facebook page. Winners will be promptly notified via. Facebook on the 15th of December with a request for their postal details. The full name and town/locale of the draw winners will be shown here and on our Facebook page, so only enter if you are happy to have these details published. If you are a UK resident and win one of our giveaways, the Lego set will be dispatched via. tracked mail and will be delivered in time for Christmas so long as you provide your address details to us promptly. Non-UK entries are welcome but should the winner be based abroad, delivery is unlikely to occur before the Christmas period due to the longer postal times. Tracked and signed-for postal services will be used to ensure you are not left disappointed - good luck to everyone, and thank you for your interest in Lego and

The random selection of winners will be undertaken by an independent party with an independent witness to ensure the method is fair and all entrants have an equal and fair chance of winning.

Customers of past and present are encouraged to enter as described above, however, for this giveaway, customers have no advantage over other Facebook entrants as this giveaway is aimed at celebrating the launch and promotion of our Facebook page only and the draw will be completely random.

# Three more competitions/prize draws are planned for early 2017 and a selection of new Lego sets of various themes will be available including Star Wars, Toy Story, SpongeBob and others...they will be announced here and on our new Facebook page in the coming weeks and months.


Click here for our Facebook page!