Star Wars Droids

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Star Wwars Alien minifigures / characters
alien, animal, creatures, star wars, lego.
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Star Wars minifigure / charactor page
Star Wars, minifigures, genuine Lego.
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Star Wwars Pilot Minifigures
pilots, minifigures, Star Wars, Lego.
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Item no. AJ41
(tray E)
Price: £0.70 each
Quantity available: 7


Item no. AJ42
Silver droid 
(Tray AB)
Price: £1.40 each
Quantity available: 8


Item no. AJ54
Rocket Battle Droid with gun hand
(tray A)
Price: £1.25 each
Quantity available: 1

Lego people.

Item no. AJ54ea
Rocket Battle Droid
(tray X)
Price: £0.85 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. RX32
Starwars Lego minifigure
(tray X)
Price: £1.45 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. RX130
Droid with dark grey and orange body - yellow head detail
(tray X)
Price: £2.40 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. RX131
Droid with cream and blue body
(tray A)
Price: £1.40 each
Quantity available: 2


Item no. AJ129
Lego Starwars minifig - new
(tray B)
rice: £1.35 each
Quantity available: 2

Battle Droid
battle, droid, star, wars.

Item no. AJ43
Lego Super Battle Driod
(tray AI)
Price: £2.00 each
Quantity available: 19


Item no. AJ4
C-3PO minifig - new
(tray X)
Price: £4.95 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ4a
Red Lego C-3PO mini figure
(tray X)
Price: £5.95 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ76
Magnaguard figure
(tray X)
Price: £3.55 each
Quantity available: 0

red, black, yellow, red, brown

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Accessories, Weapons, misc. parts
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Item no. AJ25
Droid - new
(tray AC)
Complete with gun
Price: £0.95 each
Quantity available: 10


Item no. AJ44
Black droid with gun arm
(tray AA)
Price: £1.10 each
Quantity available: 8


Item no. AJ165
Starwars Lego yellow boddied droid
(tray b)
Price: £1.25 each
Quantity available: 2


Item no. RX132
Droid with cream body + orange detail
(tray X)
Price: £2.20 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. RX45
Starwars Lego minifigure droid
(tray X)
Price: £2.25 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ168
Starwars Lego dark red boddied droid
(tray A)
Price: £1.85 each
Quantity available: 1

Battle droid with laser arm
metal, droid, battle, gun, laser, arm, grey.

Item no. AJ43a
Lego Super Battle Driod with gun arm
(tray X)
Price: £2.35 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ136
C-3PO (from set 9490) - new
Price: £5.35 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ136a
C-3PO (2007) - new
(Tray X)
Price: £11.75 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. RX140
Protocol Robot
(Tray X)
Price: £8.15 each
Quantity available: 0

Commando Droid Captain
Commando, droid, captain, with, gun, brown.

Item no. AJ201
Commando Droid Captain with gun - NEW
Set #75002
(Tray X)
Price: £2.20 each
Quantity available: 0


Item no. AJ105
Medium stone droid arm
(tray H)
Price: £0.30 each
Quantity available: 4