LEGO Parts
B. Lego Technic Parts, beams E. H. O. R. U. X. LV. LX. LT.
C. Lego plates / flats, red, blue, white, yellow, green, white, grey G. J. K. W. Q. LL. LE. LN. T.
L. Misc. Coloured Bricks & Flats; Brown, Cream, Pink, Beige, Curry, Buff, Tan LM. LH. LA. LB. LC.
M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear BEA. BEB. BEC. BED. BEE. BEF. BEG. BEH. BEJ. BEK.
N. Lego Bricks, black, red, yellow, grey, blue, white D. P. I. S. F. V. BK. LR. LS. LQ. BP. BQ. #D.
Z. Gears / Cogs, Pulley Wheels, Axles / shafts / rods, Wheels, string, tyres and hubs. AB. A. BD.
AD. Connectors, Bushes, tracks, chains, rubber bands CA. AA.
AF. Pneumatics, tube, pipe, suspension, springs, pumps, actuators, switches, 'T's
AG. Engine Parts, Motors, Electrical, lights, switches, sensors, cables, pull-back motors, sirens.
AJ. Star Wars Theme AJ2, AJ3, AJ4, AJ5, RX.
AK. Harry Potter Minifigures, Lone Ranger, Galaxy Squad, Alien Conquest, Studio's, Movie, Belville
AM. Lego Toy Story, Atlantis, Ninjago, Spongebob BM2. XA. BJ.
AP. Vehicle Parts, plane, helicopter, aircraft, aeroplane parts AQ. AQA. AQB. AQC. AQD. AQE. AQG.
AR. Minifigures pg1, Mars Mission, Fabuland, Jack Stone, Technic & Family ATA. ARA. CX. CY. DA. CVQ.
AU. Train Parts, boats and ship, Sport/Football, Castle/building parts, AS. AH. AL.
AV. Lego base boards, thin, thick & 3D. Manuals, instructions, flyers, inserts . AV2. BF.
AW. Parts with printed surfaces/decals AWA. AWB. CB. CC. CD. CE. CEA. CF. CG. CGA. CH. CHA.
AX. Trees, Plants, Road Signs, Lamp post, vintage flags, clip signs AXD.
AY. Doors, Windows, Shutters, Grilles, Fences, Gates, BC2. RR. RS. RQ. RR2. RT. RU.
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego, QA. QB. QC. QD. QE. QF. QG.
BB. Misc. Lego, gates, fence panels, fridge magnets, BC. BC2. GVK.
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports, Stairs, Ladders, BCB.
LK. Lego Animals, Birds & Dinosaurs, Minifigure capes / cloaks page. MA.
VE. Antenna, Aerials, Fairings, Duplo, Satalite / radar dishes VJ. SA. SAA. VC.
CV. Lego Power Miners, Lego Simpsons, Lego Fabuland, Legends of Chima CVA. CVB. CVP.
BJE. Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, BJH. BH2. BJ3.
DC. Lego Minifigure series
BJU. Lego Superheroes, Batman, Monster Fighters, Series, olympics, BJK. DC. KP.
KN. Lego Knights Kingdom, Castle Fantasy Era, Pharaoh's Quest, CVG. CVM.
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RA. Lego Bionicle parts, Gold & Silver Lego parts page 1, RB. RC. RD. RE. RF. LF.
#ME. Complete Lego sets 2
ME. Complete Lego sets, buy Lego by the Kilo, Lego spares packs SS. ST.
Spareblocks News, Leave or read feedback / comments, completed projects.
Q2. Harry Potter Green Parts
Sell your unwanted Lego
DG. Pneumatic tubing
CVQ. Lego Mars Mission


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If your spare parts are for a specific model you may want to e-mail us and let us know the set number (this is a 4 digit number that is shown on the front of the box/instruction manual). By doing this, we can double check that the parts we are sending are authentic replacements - the style and design of Lego parts has varied slightly over the years. Additionally, if you have a well-used older vintage set, you may not want brand new shiny parts as these could spoil the look of the model. Likewise, if the model is a very new set you may prefer new, or only slightly worn parts - again, if you provide us with such information or preferences, we can be selective (where stock allows) when picking the order.

As a rule we do not clean used parts, so where stock is limited or the part is inherently vintage, used parts can sometimes benefit from cleaning (especially if they are to be used on a model that has newer appearance). Lego parts can be safely cleaned by placing the parts in automatic washing powder dissolved in warm water (max. 40 degrees Celsius). The parts can be left in the solution until all the dirt and stains are removed (usually 1 to 5 hours, but longer if required) (once clean, thoroughly rinse the parts off under cold water and leave to dry naturally). do not use abrasives on your Lego parts, hot water, toxic or acidic chemicals and never wash parts that have metallic parts unless you are sure they will not rust as a result of the process.

Again, thank you for your custom, and we hope you are pleased with the parts when they arrive. We are here to please, so if there is anything further we can help you with please feel free to email us at